Training For Becoming A Coach

Frank Lampard might be the only one out of the three veterans to get a new contract at the end of the period. Lampard seems to be pleased with the new contract. He seems to be confident for signing up one more year at Chelsea and then turning to become a coach.

His record in the FA cup is one to be accepted and valued. Since many years Frank Lampard has been protecting the FA cup. He will be struggling to defend his future in the game at Manchester city. His loss at the Etihad Stadium showed his last form in the contest but he has won the cup 11 times. In the last 16 champions, group tie against Galatasaray has made Jose Mourinho to alternate his team and give Lampard a typical chance to create an impact.

Frank Lampard the England midfielder has developed his close effective relationship with manager Jose Mourinho who desires to stay him at the club. Lampard understands that he will play fewer amounts of games in the long term as he will turn 36 in June. But he wishes to live at Chelsea and start studying for his coaching badges.

Mourinho respects his professionalism and also values the positive influence that Lampard has. But the futures of Ashley Cole and John Terry, the two other members of the old guard are in uncertainty. Both aged about 33 have played vital part in the successful teams shaped by Mourinho in his first spell at Stamford Bridge. Nevertheless both are out of the contract and might leave in the summer.

Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole (his teammate) are no more first team members as Cole has to spend much of his time sitting on substitute’s counter. Frank lampard has a superior record with 22 matches out of Chelsea’s 38 matches this time.