Frank Lampard's uncle and Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp has said that he hopes his nephew loses the Champions League final against Bayern Munich on May 19.

Tottenham finished the season in the fourth position, but there is every chance that they could miss out on the chance to play in the Champions League next season if Chelsea win the title. Harry Redknapp said a few weeks ago that is one of the most absurd rules by UEFA.

Liverpool's win in 2005 coupled with an Everton finish in the top four meant that there were five English teams in the competition that season. Since then, the rules have been changed in order to accommodate no more than four teams from England.

Harry Redknapp said ahead of the match with Fulham on the final day of the season that he would be willing to support Frank Lampard and Chelsea only if you finish in the third position, which will guarantee an automatic entry into the group stages. However, a 3-2 win for Arsenal over West Brom meant that Tottenham were unable to finish in the third position despite their 2-0 win over Fulham at White Hart Lane. As a result, Harry Redknapp has come out with the statement saying that he hopes his nephew Frank Lampard, who is expected to start the final, loses the match.

“Frank knows there’s no love lost. My allegiance is only to Tottenham. He understands that. I want Tottenham in the Champions League next year. We’ve done all that we can and I couldn’t be more pleased. If people start getting carried away with what Tottenham should achieve they need a reality check,” said Harry Redknapp after the 2-0 win over Fulham. Tottenham finished just one point behind Arsenal in the fourth position.