Lampard wants to see Chelsea turning things around

Chelsea is undergoing one of their worst seasons ever in the Premier League after having sustained 10 defeats from their opening 16 league matches of the current season and this dreadful start of their campaign is one of the main reasons of why Jose Mourinho was sacked and removed from his managerial position in Stamford Bridge and eventually replaced by GuusHiddink.

The Dutch coach GuusHiddink is attempting to get Chelsea back on track and he is slowly pushing the team into the higher section of the standings and the squad is indeed performing better but they still have a huge mountain left to climb if they want to secure a European spot that would allow them to compete in the Europa League or the Champions League of the upcoming season and Frank Lampard believes that this is the time for certain players to step it up and prove their worth, especially now in these difficult times that Chelsea is going through.

"You do not enjoy seeing them struggle. We have all been there in football terms, where there are times when confidence goes down, the crowd get a little bit nervy and that is where they are at and the only thing that pulls them out of that is the individual players, who need to stand up and be a bit brave and take on the challenge of trying to turn their season around." Former star of Chelsea, Frank Lampard said as he stated that this is the ideal moment for the players of the Premier League team to make an impact and start turning thing around for what has been a very mediocre season.

Lampard continued on saying that he is certain that Chelsea will not be relegated in this season and so far, since the arrival of GuusHiddink they have indeed been collecting more points consistently and have been steadily staying away from the bottom relegation zone.