Chelsea legend Frank Lampard has opened up on his plans to go into management.

The 38-year old ended his pro football career when he ended his stint in the Major League Soccer in America. After 21 years of active football, Lampard says he hopes to go into management fully.

He said he was not sure for most of his career but when he turned thirty he became more keen on the idea.
“Much as I’m interested in coaching I’ve just as much interests in how to deal with people. I see someone like [Mauricio] Pochettino and his relationship with players – like both a boss and a bit of a friend – and I love that,” he confessed.

Lampard says he likes the management style of the Tottenham boss who prefers dynamic and talented youngsters. Lampard worked with some of the biggest coaches in the business at Stamford Bridge and with the England national side.

Lampard has been involved in several punditry work and is yet to make his first coaching move. He played under the revered Harry Redknapp at West Ham from 1995 until 2001 before moving to Chelsea. At Chelsea, Italian coach Claudio Ranieri was the boss before the enigmatic Jose Mourinho waltzed in following his Champions League triumph.

Lampard flourished under Mourinho, winning the Premier League twice aside an FA Cup and EFL Cup titles. Avram Grant, GuusHiddink, Carlo Ancelotti – now with Bayern Munich –, Andre Villas Boas, Roberto Di Matteo, and Rafa Benitez were other top coaches he played under before he move to Man City to feature under Manuel Pellegrini. He was under a youthful manager in Patrick Vieira at New York City in the MLS. If he goes into management now, he would be among the young managers that are taking over the role.