Frank Lampard believes the man who deserves to be credited the most for making him the player he became; it’s Claudio Ranieri.


Ranieri is currently busy scripting a historical Premier League campaign with Leicester City.

The Italian Talisman is only a few steps away from accomplishing his mission, and if he is able to do so it would be an absolute shock, not only for the soccer fans around England, but for those around the world too.

That the Foxes are leading the standings in the Premier League with three quarters of the league done and dusted, it really can’t get weirder than this.

It was alright for them to start like a storm and to get to the top, but, to maintain that position at the top by weathering the attacks of the big teams along the way, it has been nothing short of a dream and obviously, the man who is in charge of all this has to come into the limelight.

Even on the StanJames virtual football game Leicester are at huge odds to win the league - you can get them as high as 1000/1 on some days!?

According to Lampard, Ranieri has been a charismatic manager in the last three decades and all the success that is coming to him at present, it’s well deserved.

When asked if he sees Leicester winning the title in a couple of months’ time, Lampard said, "Look, they can, they surely can, but, in case they remain short of the Premier League title; that would not lessen their achievement at all to be honest. Even getting to Europe would be miraculous as far as they are concerned."

Hailing Ranieri, the 37-year old said, "Claudio is somebody who influenced my career to a great deal. He gave me the right direction at the right time and I can’t tell you how pleased I am to see him standing on the verge of creating history."