Former Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard has joined the hosts of people opining that the Blues would lift the Premier League title this season following their impressive run.

The Stamford Bridge legend says that it is unlikely that Chelsea would be overtaken in the race to the title this season.

There are still 16 games to be played but Lampard, in an interview, said that no rival can match Chelsea’s form to snap the title ahead of them this campaign.

“I can’t see anyone catching them. They are the most organized team. Diego Costa and Eden Hazard are the difference but you’ve got to give the manager a load of credit, too,” Lampard told Jamie Carragher.

The player, who featured for Manchester City before moving to America, praised Cesar Azpilicueta as well.
“He’s been brilliant. Costa and Hazard get the limelight but he’s basically a right back and a centre half. He is tailor-made for that role. He’s probably been player of the season,” he said.

The player struggled initially in the Major League Soccer but he recovered his old form to match expectations. The all-time record scorer for the Bluess hinted a possible return to the club when he said he was not yet set to retire despite exiting New York City FC at the end of last term.

“There is a part of me that wants to stay in the game, sometimes I don’t know why, it just feels this is what I do,” he said despite nearing 40 years old.

He admitted that there were Premier League offers but that he turned them down. He said he was avoiding a move to a relegation-bound side after all of his years at top clubs, hinting that small sides approached him.
The player is less inclined to join in the China frenzy but is also hesitant on retiring.