Despite the recent changes that Chelsea has been experiencing in the past few years in which they have gone through 9 different managers, Frank Lampard believes the future is bright and better than ever with the return of Jose Mourinho.

‘After the instability of the past couple of years, it’s nice to be a bit more settled. Personally, I was delighted he returned because I knew what a great manager he’d be for the club and for me,’ Lampard told TalkSport.

‘After the interim manager thing, it was refreshing to talk about a two or three-year plan and to be able to look to the future. That was a good feeling for everyone at the club not just for me’’.

Even though the English midfielder is happy that Mourinho made his return to Chelsea, he did say that winning the Premier League will be more complicated than some years ago. As he stated that this is a different squad and the scenario is different as well.

‘It is completely different from when Jose was here before. We had a very, strong group that was ready to win a league; it was a perfect storm that came together for us.

‘This year we know the competition out there, the money spent at other clubs, the quality already at other clubs. In the last two years we have finished fifth and third in the league which is not what we are used to… so everyone has to understand it is different now and think “let’s see where we get”. Frank Lampard added.

Chelsea had a slow start in this season after losing against Everton and Newcastle but seem to have find their stride and are now topping the Premier League alongside Arsenal and Manchester City.