Frank Lampard Praises Dele Alli for This Attribute

Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard is one of the decorated players will comes to winning the FA Cup.

He has managed to win the title an incredible four times during his time at the blues. Chelsea are once again back at the Wembley, but they need to get past Tottenham in order to reach the finals. Speaking ahead of the game, Lampard reckons that one of the greatest strength of Tottenham is the presence of midfielder Dele Alli. The 21-year-old has been able to make incredible strides in the game and he is now regarded as one of the top players in world football.

Alli has been able to score 16 goals in just 32 league matches. He is fast emerging as the replacement for Lampard when it comes to finding a goalscoring midfielder in the Premier league. One of the greatest stance of Lampard was his ability to time his runs into the box. This attribute enabled him to become the club’s top goal scorer of all time.

Lampard reckons that Alli has a different kind of attribute – movement – that sets him apart from the rest of the players on the pitch. Along with the likes of Alan Shearer and Jermaine Jenas, Lampard rated Alli as the player to watch in the 2017 FA Cup semi-final between Chelsea and Tottenham.

“I've been watching Alli closely this season and he clearly has great technical ability - you can see that from his touch and from his finishing.The magic for me, though, is his movement to get into the box without being marked.If you watch him during games, he is always very aware of what is around him - his head is always moving and he is waiting for the right time to make his run.That intelligence is the special thing he has that sets him apart,” said Lampard.