Frank Lampard denies not to be seeing Steven Gerrard eye to eye at any point in his career.

Lampard was employed for a club which was the bitterest of rivals to the one Gerrard was employed for.

And the battle was on between the two players even on national duty because very rarely would both of them get included in the XI. Majority of the time, it was the choice between the two and only one would be picked.

In sports, it’s not uncommon for the contemporaries to fall out when they know they can play only at the cost of the other and the press, at several times, came up with the suggestions of tension between the legendary duo.
But, if Lampard is to be believed, no such tension ever existed and some people had only cooked up stories regarding that.

However, as time passed by, Lampard and Gerrard started making the XI together, but, none of the coaches of the Three Lions, who worked in that period, could make the best use of the duo.

And, neither could the duo earn any glory for the country before calling it quits together post another major tournament debacle in Brazil. The two, thereafter, left the Premiership together as well and moved to the States.

As per Lampard, Gerrard and he are on phone with each other every once in a while and discuss a lot of things about themselves and the prospect of joining MLS was also a topic they had a discussion on while World Cup was taking place and both were pretty positive about the prospect.

Lampard and Gerrard are going to be at loggerhead again like they have been umpteen times before as the City-Galaxy match-up is just three days away.